Adding widgets to iOS 14

How to customize your iPhone’s Home screen on iOS 14 and add widgets

With Apple iOS 14 comes with a clean and well-organized home screen structure that gives users a wonderful experience and power to add useful widgets to the home screen as a user wishes.

Apple’s iOS 14 was designed well to structure and organize all apps by default, adding to that useful widgets can also be added to the home screen for easy accessibility. Useful widgets like calendar, reminder, Alarm clock, screen time and many more.

iOS 14 widgets

How to check Apple Airpod’s battery status

Apple Airpod

It is quite easy not to detect your Airpod’s battery is running low, especially when you are on a long call or listening to music and your Airpod’s haven’t been properly charged before the long use. Although the Apple Airpod is said to hold close to 3hrs or charge for every 15 minutes it sits in a charged case.

Since the Airpod’s wireless charging case doesn’t have any battery percentage indicator on it. Also, on ios 14 battery percentage doesn’t display directly on the home screen.  But not to worry, there are some cool ways to get to know how much charge you currently have on your iPhone, Airpods and its wireless charging case for iOS 14 users.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to add battery widgets to Home screen:

adding battery widget


  • To add the batteries widget on your iPhone’s Home screen swipe left till you are on the last screen on iOS 14.
  • Click on edit then click the “+” icon at the top left corner of the home screen to add the batteries widget. You can type “batteries” on the widget search space to quickly find the batteries widget amongst other widgets available or simple scroll down till you see the battery icon.  The step is the same to add other widgets to your home screen.

Once the battery widget has been successfully added to your home screen, simply wipe to the home screen battery widget and then open your Airpod’s case lid to see the current battery status.


  • Press and hold the home screen till the widgets start to shake
  • Then click the “+” icon at the top left corner of the home screen to add the batteries widget.


  • Ask Siri. Say: “Hey Siri” then say “Check for my Airpod’s battery status”. Siri will speak and also display the battery percentage or your Airpods and its case.

Siri displays Airpods battery status

NB: Your Airpods must be connected to your iPhone or iPad for this to work properly.

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