universal basic income

I jumped on this great idea on medium and after watching all the TED videos below the idea germinated in my head. This idea should be collectively supported until it is achieved. I urge you to carefully listen to each speaker in the TED videos and let this idea sink and develop in your mind. This universal basic income idea will germinate millions of other great ideas that will shape each country and the world as a whole.

The Universal idea of basic income will make everyone do what they want to do. Basic income will provide you time to harness or learn skills required to achieve your dreams. Universal basic income idea will further aid continuous research and development that will help solve the world’s major problems and more future occurrences. If we were free to work it will unleash a lot of hiden potentials in our society. Millions of people do not like what they do, but they have to do it day in day out just to earn a living with zero job satisfaction. Which will only give them years of stressful hard work that will convert into mass health problems, shattered dreams and unfulfilled life.

Freedom to a work

Forcing us to work kills our intrinsic motivation, because we are forced to work to secure our living. An intensive research made on human motivation as shown a very important result, intrinsically motivated people, that is people who are related to what they do are more creative, more innovative and better at problem solving. These are exactly the skills needed to be productive in our knowledge economy of today.

One of the speakers Olivier Schneller said through hard work in the past our economy has allowed us to rethink work, which means forcing us to work is not necessary as we want to work and do what we enjoy doing. This sums it up that forcing us to work kills our intrinsic motivation to excel at work.

The current trend of work right now in this knowledge based 21st century will mostly favor the intrinsic workers which will in turn drive development in every nation willing to adopt the basic income idea into its government policies. This will guarantee innovation, entrepreneurship and productivity which will aid in rapid development and also eradicate poverty in developing countries.

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