signal vs Whatsapp

signal vs Whatsapp

Signal app is a cross-platform open source end to end encryption instant messaging app developed by Signal Foundation.  Downloads from Android users globally have said to have sky rocketed after prominent Tech founders like Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk endorsed the messaging app via their twitter accounts.

A large number of people are outraged by the latest change in WhatsApp Terms, which now say users must feed all their private data to Facebook’s ad engine.

WhatsApp update is part of Facebook’s efforts to integrate the various platforms under it. The changes will now make it necessary for users to agree to their information being shared with Facebook and its subsidiaries in other to allow its users do business better, which includes sending and receiving payments via whatsapp. Whatsapp wrote on its blog explaining the reason and need for sharing data with its parent company Facebook , says it’s expanding Sme’s capabilities to seemingly do business with their customers by allowing commerce hosting via Facebook in addition to it’s Whatsapp cart. This functionality as already been rolled out in India and users can make payments via Whatsapp chat Learn More 

On the other hand this happenings as further paved way for the rivalry open source messaging service Signal to win more user downloads over Whatsapp in the past weeks.

New security features come to Signal first. For example, Signal has had disappearing messages – which are automatically deleted after a specified period of time – since 2016 but the feature is still being tested with small numbers of WhatsApp users.

Other mainstream and beta Signal features that WhatsApp users don’t have include view-once media messages, encrypted profiles, an incognito keyboard switch for Android to keep Gboard from sending your typing history back to Google, and backups that don’t default to unencrypted storage in Google Drive or Apple iCloud.

Signal also has a slightly broader range of clients, with a dedicated client for Linux desktop users – likely to appeal to those in the security and data analysis fields, while WhatsApp directs them to its web app.

Now it boils down to use case and personal interest on privacy, trust issues with sending over data to Facebook after all the Facebook data breach issue. Signal is open source the code is ready available to the public  on Github for developers to add to it and personalize, which makes it decentralized.

How to download Signal

Signal app can be downloaded on PlayStore for  Android and on AppleStore for IPhone

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