As the world moves closer and closer together, the internet is the bridge making the world even smaller. The tech industry is moving towards a future where more standalone apps will be further decentralized and open source free to be used by everyone not just platform specific.

Decentralized Rich text messaging is the future where everyone from anywhere around the world can be in sync with one another. Apple is said to be in discussions with GSMA about integrating RCS, Rich Communication Services into iMessage platform.

GSMA is the industry trade association that unites mobile-network operators around the world. It will get the new standard a more powerful force in messaging.By allowing for read receipts, typing indicators and other features you can find in internet-based standalone messaging apps like Whatsapp, iMessage etc.

Although it is unclear how this will be completely achieved but in the nearest future this is very possible and achievable.

One thought on “Apple’s iMessage may be coming to everyone in no time”
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