The last time I checked, I realized that we cannot pause or turn back the hands of time. Sometimes we loose so much of our time unaware, and we wonder how this keeps happening without been able to account for it.

Time ticks per second, and we get mad when we realize how much of it passes by unaccounted for. Meaningful use of our time is highly resourceful and  the only way we can meaningfully use our time is by carefully managing it on a daily basis.
Planning to carefully manage our time daily manually can be a tiring job entirely, plus we are human and gratification will always set in easily.
I’m happy to introduce a time management app I personally use, named to you, It can help brighten up your day and at the same making you take responsibility for your daily activities accordingly. helps you plan your day by keeping track on your daily tasks, and making you accomplish them in a timely fashion.
Any.docan be downloaded from the play store HERE.  and Apple store HERE.


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