This normal but cool looking sunglasses cleverly hides 1 cameras in the middle of sunglasses,it with all functions: bluetooth, camera, camcorder,mp3 player, voice recorder,sunglasses,pc camera webcam etc. Just press the power switch; it begins to record color video with sound and storage the video at inside memory.No need any cable to connect with them. And press the camera swtich button, you can record the views from the middle as the picture, no need to stare at the objects directly, which makes it ultra discreet! 
Best tool for the spy work! And it brings much more fun! Moreover,support super long working time! 
It’s ideal for the security personnel, law enforcement agencies, journalists to fulfill the undercover assignments, like evidence collection, hidden investigation and surveillance, etc. It is also great as a toy for hobby enthusiasts, as body worn solutions.
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