Good news from Apple, BGR reports that Apple’s iOS8 will ship with a bunch of new features and improvements, including a way for apps to communicate between each other to share data, which is something Apple has not supported in the past. One app that will make use of Apple’s iOS 8 extension feature is the popular password manager 1Password, which will make logging into websites in other apps and web services even easier than before. 

 “Thanks to Apple’s incredible new developer features in iOS 8, third-party apps can let 1Password fill Logins without the user ever leaving the app,” the company wrote. “Yep, complete with Touch ID for unlocking the vault. Yep, it’s this awesome.”

“We want to share our holy grail with all apps: the convenience of one-tap Logins and the security of strong, unique passwords with 1Password,” the company said, encouraging developers to include its 1Password app extension for iOS 8 in their apps.

Users will not necessarily have to buy 1Password to enjoy speedier logins, as Apple’s own iCloud Keychain will likely offer similar functionality to iOS 8 device users.

A video demonstration of the new 1Password feature for iOS 8 follows below.


Two weeks after the release of Apple’s fourth iOS 8 beta version, iOS 8 beta 5 has been pushed out to developers. The new iOS 8 build comes right on time, as our inside sources said it would, and it brings with it a number of bug fixes and changes that should help developers better prepare their apps for the upcoming public release of iOS 8 this fall. Apple’s iOS 8 betas are only intended for use by developers only on test devices, but many people use the software on their personal phones as well.

iOS 8 beta 5 is available beginning immediately for developers with compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It can be installed as an over the air (OTA) update or it can be downloaded from Apple’s developer portal andinstalled using iTunes

According to BGR, Apple has another beta planned for developers, with iOS 8 beta 6 due to be released on August 15th.

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Source: BGR


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