Phonearena reads reports from Baylor University; It warns of another addiction that could soon be affecting some of today’s college students; cellphone addiction.

The report which was published in Journal of Behavioral Addictions, the report says that female students are spending ten hours a day staring at their handsets, two hours more than male students use their phones. The researcher behind the study notes that the excessive use of smartphones is leading to a downward spiral in academics.
The number one activity that college students use their phones for is texting;IM(Chatting), at an average of 94.6 minutes a day. Sending and receiving emails is next at 48.5 minutes, followed by checking Facebook (38.6 minutes), browsing on the internet (34.4 minutes) and listening to music. (26.9 minutes).60% of students say that they are addicted to their cellphone.

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Source: Phonearena


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