Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world.


Mark Zukerberg is color blind. He has red-green blindness. I think this is why blue is the primary color of Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg is a College Dropout. While in high school, Zuckerberg co-developed a music app called Synapse Media Player. Tech giants Microsoft and AOL reportedly offered Zuckerberg a million dollars to further develop the app as well as wanted to hire him. Zuckerberg instead chose to join Harvard University.


In 1996, Mark Zuckerberg created an instant messenger ZUCKNET which was used by Mark’s family to communicate with each other.


Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t own a television. He says that he has no time for TV.


To be able to communicate with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan’s family members, Zuckerberg started to learn Chinese in 2010.


Mark Zuckerberg’s interest in programming developed when his parents gifted him the book C++ for Dummies.


Mark Zuckerberg is multilingual. He can read & write five different languages i.e. English, French, Latin, Hebrew & Ancient Greek.


Mark Zuckerberg takes 4 as his lucky number because Mark Zuckerberg was born on the 14th of May 1984 ,he also launched Facebook on the 4th Feb, 2004, he also retains the 4th userid on facebook. i.e. facebook.com/4


In October 2010, Zuckerberg took a bunch of Facebook staffers to a public theater to see “The Social Network,” the movie about the founding of Facebook.

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