Solution to Boot Device not found HP Error 3FO

This document pertains to HP Notebook computers with the HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) beginning in late-2008.

The BIOS can be configured to specify the order in which the computer will access available bootable
hardware devices. The most common bootable devices are: Internal Hard Drive, External USB drive, Optical CD/DVD ROM Drive, and Network Adapter. During the process of checking each device for the required bootable files, if a device fails, the computer verifies that another device is available. If it checks all the listed devices but does not find the bootable files, an error message, like the following, is displayed.

Boot Device Not Found
Hard Disk – (3F0)

If you get a boot device not found Error or Hard Disk 3F0 Error as depicted in the picture above, then you have to perform the following steps in the order listed

  1. Reset the BIOS default settings (press F10 key immediately on startup, then F9 for Default)
  2. Run HP Hard Disk Test (press F2 immediately on startup for system diagnostic key)
  3. Reseat your internal hard disk (Not for Sleekbook computers)
  4. Recovery the operating System (If the hard disk test passes)
If a bios default reset and hard disk test doesn’t work then try reseating your internal hard disk Disconnect and reconnect the internal hard drive. Details on how to complete this procedure can be found in the Manuals available for your computer model. if you do not use sleekbook computers.Then lastly recovery your operating System by using the system recovery to reinstall your Operating system and all HP installed software, this will return your computer to its factory settings.
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