If you would love to arrange your folders according and to make them neat and easier to access, Then it is advice-able to customize your folders to look colorful and vibrant in any drive whether it is C: or D: or any other. Softwares can  make our computing life easy and wonderful so you can take idea that it can be done using a Software.

This works with windows OS only, I am using it on Windows 7 but I hope it will work with Windows 8 also. But I never tried it on Windows XP so if it works windows xp also then please your comment below. So that other users also come to know that. Okay,
Obviously, you have to download the software. So name of the software is “FolderColorizer“. You can download it from the download button given below.
Now after you have successfully downloaded & installed the software”FolderColorizer“. Just do right click on any folder of which colour you want to change. Here you will see Colorize ! in context menu. So click on that and choose any folder for your selected folder.

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