BGR reports that  Apple is working on newer versions of iOS 7 even before iOS 7 is released to the public. We’re able to confirm this two ways: one is through multiple sources of ours and the second is, well, because we have one. Looking beyond iOS 7.0.1, which is an update just for minor bug fixes and enhancements, it is widely expected that Apple is set to debut iOS 7.1 during the company’s special October event where it is likely we will see new iPads, minor Mac refreshes and potentially some Apple TV news.
Switching to this Friday’s big product launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c, we have some news to report there as well. Multiple sources of ours have confirmed what has been rumored, and that’s the fact Apple can not produce enough iPhone 5s devices to meet initial demand.
We don’t know the cause of the iPhone 5s shortages, but have been told that there will not be any issue with purchasing a 5c on launch day. However, the 5s supply is “severely constrained” according to our  source, and that is the reason Apple and its partners around the world could not do preorders. Apple had to make sure that there were as many devices as possible to sell in stores and for front of house units on launch day.

Source: BGR


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