1. open itunes Locate any song you would like to make a ringtone and select it.Right click (CTRL+Click) and select “Get Info”

2. A window will pop up with 7 tabs, Click on the “Options” tab and Tick both the start and stop time boxes and set to 30 seconds  and click OK.

3. Right click (CTRL+Click) on song again and select “Create AAC Version”

4. Now you will see 2 versions of the song in your iTunes library, select the one with the :30 time duration, Right Click (CTRL+Click) and select “Show in Finder” for Mac users. For windows pc click “show in windows explorer”

5. Extensions Tweak: Now you need to change the file extension of the song;

Mac users should now right click on the short version of the song, and select “Show In Finder.”Click on and overtype the file extension from .m4a to read .m4r. Double click on the song and it will take you back into iTunes.

Windows users now need to head to their Control Panel and select “Large icons” from the drop-down menu at the top-right of the display. Once the display has changed, click on “Folder Options,” click on the “View” tab and uncheck the option that reads “Hide extensions for known file types.” Click “OK.”

6. Now you will be able to see the file extension in the song folder click on and overtype the file extension from .m4a to read .m4r. Double click on the song and it will take you back into iTunes.

7. Now go back in iTunes, click on your Library’s drop-down menu at the top left of your display and select “Tones.” You should now see your shortened version, now converted into a ringtone file, in the list of Tones.

Make sure”Sync Tones” option is selected, then sync your iPhone with iTunes…..Have fun creating your favorite songs as ringtones on your iPhone.

8. After you’ve synced, go to your iPhone’s “Settings” menu, choose “Sounds,” tap on “Ringtone” and you should see your newly-created ringtone at the top of the list.  


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