Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S is widely expected to feature the same external design as its predecessor, just as previous “S” upgrades have in the past. But looks can be deceiving. While Apple’s flagship iPhone for 2013 may appear to be the same as the iPhone 5 on the outside, the phone will feature a significant internal redesign when it launches this fall. BGR has exclusively obtained high-resolution photos of a number of components that will be included in Apple’s iPhone 5S, and they help paint a picture of things to come later this year.

Some internal images of the redesigned parts of the iPhone 5s leaked to BGR.

vibrating motor

The next-generation iPhone will also include a redesigned ear speaker bracket and a new loud-speaker bracket, pictured below

loud-speaker bracket
sim trays

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S is expected to launch this fall alongside iOS7, which will reportedly feature a substantial interface overhaul that does away with most textures in favor of flatter design elements.

Source : BGR


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